How to Tackle Frizzy Hair in Summer Days

women in summer frizzy hair tips

“I didn’t want to go out, but my hair looked too good to stay in.”

Knowing how to tackle and tame frizzy hair on hot and rather humid summer days is crucial for us women with curly mind-of-its-own hair. Thankfully, a solution has been found which would last you an entire summer without worrying about walking out of your home after spending hours flat ironing, just for your hair to frizz right up and ruin your day.

Today, we’re introducing how to help you find the product that will tame your hair the way you always imagined it to be!

Curls & Frizz

Some of the biggest struggles with having curly hair is the unwanted frizz that comes along with the curls. Those two combined, tag team one another and bring out more frustration than you anticipate, especially if you’re trying to impress on a first date!

The trick to managing your curls and frizzy hair is to use our AviGal Venus Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment which works wonders by controlling volume and reducing frizz. AviGal Venus Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment will last you 4 to 6 months minimum, that’s the entire summer season and more!

Aftercare to the Rescue

In addition to using a hair treatment this summer that will ease your worries of curls and frizz, using the correct aftercare shampoo such as our AviGal Venus Aftercare Shampoo, will help restore the hair complex by improving the texture of the hair with amino acids and proteins.

So what goes hand in hand with shampoo? Yes, you guessed correctly, our AviGal Venus Aftercare Conditioner. Made with vegetable collagen, AviGal Aftercare Conditioner promotes hair hydration and restores elasticity. This conditioning hair restorative complex is formulated to replace proteins in the hair to improve hair follicles.

Stay Hydrated

Humidity can really have an impact on your hair without the extra H20; therefore, hydration is the key to treating dry hair during hot summer days. Set a reminder to fuel your body with water and electrolytes so that your hair will thank you in return. When in doubt, AviGal Venus Aftercare Conditioner contains two of the main ingredients that promote hydration within the hair follicles; Shea Butter and Glycerin.

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How to Tackle Frizzy Hair in Summer Days

Knowing how to tackle and tame frizzy hair on hot and rather humid summer days[...] More