‘Father of Waves’, also known as AviGal. When building the first line of products of AviGal, we decided to name the line after the Roman goddess, Venus. The functions of Venus consist of: Love, Beauty, Prosperity and Victory, all words that each woman desires to achieve in life.

The founders of AviGal, Karin & Roei Lieber, were inspired by their mother Nina, who was a New York & Florida registered Cosmetologist. Nina was a hair dresser for over 25+ years and was best known for her expertise in hair color correction. In 2008, Nina was one of the first to introduce the world into hair keratin. After much debate regarding the health concerns about hair keratin circulating the cosmetology world, Nina produced a new formula in 2011 that did not contain the harsh chemical found in keratin treatments called; formaldehyde.

Karin & Roei have worked side by side with Nina as she created formulas to help women feel their best starting from the appearance and texture of their hair. “My mother was the leader in the pack of our household, she made sure to raise me and my brother with a philosophy that we will always want the good for others as she wanted for us” says Karin about her mother. Roei and Karin are so passionate to continue her beliefs and let others know that we can all unite to be one and not segregate.

The Founders

Karin & Roei Lieber

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